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Why this Initiative

To enable enterprises and the people who work for them to prosper in today’s complex and constantly changing world

How We Do It

The Business-Agile Community, through discussion and collaboration, provides solutions that our members have seen work and create positive change in their organization

We respect and listen to different ways of thinking. 
We do not care whether what is contributed, comes from traditional, agile or innovative practices, from science or from practical experiences. Priority will be given to lowest-effort yet highest-impact contributions for the wider environment.
We accept that, in complex environments, what works well in one situation may be the cause of failure in another situation. And, we accept that, what may be flagged as “does not work; avoid”, may provide the solution for yet another situation.

What We Do

We build a Business-Agile body of knowledge to enable enterprises and the people who work for them to prosper in today’s business world

Let's Co-Create a New Way of Doing Business

All Areas of the Business Need to be Agile

Join us to discuss the principles and practices of Business-Agile.


How is Business-Agile Different than Agile Software or Product Development

Agile software development has delivered great software. Its very strength could be weakness in the core business. 

What are the Lessons Learned, Business Needs, Do's and Don'ts and Solutions?

Regardless of how it is named, many organisations are practicing Business-Agile. If your organization is one, we invite you to share your experiences.

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