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Lesson Learned: Traditional Versus Agile Practices

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    Eugen Oetringer
    Eugen Oetringer

    Lesson 1: Two decades of implementing (best) practices conflicting with those needed for agility won’t go away by scaling up agile best practices. At the cross-organizational level and with the popular solution thinking, the amount and the costs of obstacles to overcome is a different magnitude than in the IT or product development departments. Transformation risks and the risk of falling back into old habits are extreme.

    Lesson 2: The solution possibility to the conflicting practices was published in 2011 in Management 3.0. It was just one word. Despite this word was presented as well, it got lost in the information overload.

    Solution Possibility

    A single word to solve the seemingly insurmountable conflicts between traditional and agile (best) practices.

    Do’s and Don’ts   

    Publishing or presenting solutions to tough problems like the one above does not work anymore. Hence, do not tell the solutions. Instead, coach people such that, ideally, they find the insights themselves. For the example above, it turned out, a certain exercise and the associated coaching was very effective. It was especially effective when workshop participants of conflicting practices had to listen to each other in a problem solving way.

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