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Please Challenge: Proposed Characteristics of Business-Agile Environments

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    Eugen Oetringer
    Eugen Oetringer

    To get the employees on board quickly, to reduce resistance and to minimize project risks, some profound characteristics of the future, Business-Agile environment are needed. They need to be such that employees and management conclude “This addresses what has undermined my work over the past decade”. In addition, the characteristics need to be such that experienced employees and clients can distinguish Business-Agile organizations from those that are not Business Agile organizations.

    Proposed Characteristics of Business-Agile Environments

    • The internal, bi-directional communication operates at the speed and reliability levels of a high-speed train. This includes general communication, expert-level communication and decision making.
    • Core values drive for the common thinking and for decision making in the same direction. To make it work, these values are attractive to all employee groups.
    • Traditional and agile best practices complement each other. They have been scaled down to where they are highly effective. 1+1 has become 3.
    • Re-occurring problems are solved at their fundamental, changeable root cause(s). That’s to prevent getting lost in hundreds of root causes, endless debates and project costs organizations cannot afford anymore.
    • Learning from failure is welcome. What matters is this question: “What are you going to do so the same problem does not re-occur?”

    Of course, there is some background to this. All characteristics have been derived from experiences telling they are achievable, even in very large organizations.


    Does this make sense? Are there other characteristics that provide a higher, enterprise-wide value at a lower cost?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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